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How to Work Effectively From Home

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Are you having a difficult time working from home? Do you need some tips to be more effective? Check all of these ideas to get more done when you work from home!

Tip #1 Get Dressed for Work

As the old saying goes, "you must dress for success," and this applies to working from home! You should get dressed as if you were heading into the office. First, this gives you something to do every morning to start your day. Second, getting out of your sweats and into work clothes puts you in the right mindset to get to work. Now, I am not saying you have to throw on a three-piece suit, but you should take off the sweatpants and sweatshirt and throw on some jeans and a polo at the very least. Trust me, you will feel better and get more done if you do!

Tip #2 Prioritize

As we go through this extended period of working from home, it is important to set your priorities. For me, I always put the health of myself, my family and my dog first. Then, I have my relationships with friends followed by my work. You need to decide what is important to you and set your priorities accordingly. This will allow us to set out our schedules to get more done.

Tip #3 Schedule

If you do not schedule your day, you will lose focus and be less efficient. When I was in college, I learned a great tip to make a list at the start of each day of all the things I wanted to accomplish. When I completed a task, I would cross it off the list. This felt great and I got more done. I later refined this daily routine by scheduling each task in my day by giving it a time to complete. If I finished the task early, then I would have some extra time for leisure or to do another task. If I did not finish a task, I would find time later in the day or on another day. Scheduling also allowed me to put task on different days, which helps to reduce anxiety by lessening the number of things you need to get done on a given day. If you are not using a digital schedule like Google Calendar, I highly suggest you start. Schedule your days to be more efficient at home.

Tip #4 Make Routine Habits

While your day-to-day schedule may look different depending on which tasks you need to complete or which meetings you have, it is important to build routines that you repeat on a daily basis. Making routines make you more likely to get things done. Ideally, you should complete these tasks at the same time each day, but at the least, you should complete them day after day. For me, I start each day with a long walk with my dog, followed by some Portuguese practice and breakfast. Then, I start my scheduled day and I end each day with a run. By making routines, I have not missed a day of Portuguese practice since I began working from home. I know this would not be the case if I had not made it a routine.

Tip #5 Take Breaks!

While prioritizing, scheduling, and making routines are all incredibly important to being efficient while working from home, it will all be for not if you do not give yourself some breaks. Your brain becomes tired after 60-90 minutes of work, so every 1-2 hours, you should give yourself a mental break with a snack, a walk, or a quick phone game. The time you lose on work will be more than made up for by the efficiency you gain after the break. Take some breaks, so you do not burn out.

Tip #6 Make a Work Space

When not working from home, we all have a space in our offices with desks that is just for work. It allows us to get into a work mindset. As best we can, we should create an work space atmosphere just for work at home. This will give you the best chance to lock in your focus for work. You should be sitting up and away from distractions like the TV. Now, I understand, not all of us have home offices with closed doors, but we should try to create one as best we can. For instance, I have commandeered my kitchen table to complete my work. My only request for your work space, is that it is not your bed. Bed's are too comfy and you might fall asleep! Make a work space and get more done!

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